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We’re pioneers in therapeutic foster care, which is now widely used by many organisations. Providing a very clear and effective approach, it’s a powerful and rewarding way of working that’s

Ibis Styles Leeds

Yorkshire through and through, will welcome you with typically friendly northern spirit, and will make sure you are taken care of around the clock. Stay connected during your stay with




Individualised Solutions

Integrated Neurological Services

After providing acute hospital care, the NHS can only fund limited support in the community for a few weeks for people with these conditions – after that people are left

Invergordon Jobcentre Plus, Department of Work and Pensions

Inverness Jobcentre Plus, Department of Work and Pension

Department of Imaging Neuroscience, UCL

The Department of Imaging Neuroscience at UCL investigates how the human brain generates behaviour, thoughts and feelings and how to use this knowledge to help patients with neurological and psychiatric

Irvine Jobcentre Plus, Department for Work and Pensions

Integrated Support Unit, HMP Durham