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Millions of people across the UK experience communication difficulties every day. The Communication Access Symbol and training will support inclusive communication for all.

What is Communication Access?

What is Communication Access?

Communication Access means supporting people with communication difficulties more effectively.

Once an organisation commits to our free training and standards to become Communication Accessible, we will include them in our national directory.

Organisations can then display the Communication Access Symbol.

When people with communication difficulties see your organisation displaying the symbol, they will use your services with greater confidence.

Sign up to Communication Access UK today

Sign up to Communication Access UK today

The process is simple and 100% free


Sign up


Register as an individual or organisation


Complete the training


Commit to the standards


Receive certificate and accreditation


Display the symbol


12 months later... review progress and renew accreditation

Communication Accessible Organisations

Communication Accessible Organisations

These are some of the organisations accredited as Communication Accessible across the UK:

Why is Communication Access important?

Why is Communication Access important?

Communication is not simply about the ability to speak but also the ability to hear and understand what is said to us.

This lies at the very core of human dignity.

Millions of people across the United Kingdom have communication difficulties, including both adults and children.

Communication difficulties can occur for a range of reasons and leave millions without a voice, denying them equality of access and opportunity.

1 in 5

of all people in the UK will experience a communication difficulty at some point in their lives

Up to 10 %

of all children and young people have some form of long-term communication need

Up to 90 %

of people with a learning disability have a communication need

1 in 3

of stroke survivors will develop a communication difficulty



Astra is the receptionist at the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, one of the country’s first Communication Accessible organisations.

In this video, she talks about the value of communication access training.

This video was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic.

See more videos like this in our stories page.

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