Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

There will be no direct costs associated with the adoption of the Communication Access Symbol, the standards and eLearning package; nor for accreditation and annual renewal.

Organisations may incur potential costs for collateral (window stickers etc.) and for print of additional copies of the symbol (as CAUK will not provide printed versions but will provide access to digital vector images); this will however be the prerogative of the organisation.

Staff time for training and annual renewal may need to be factored in by organisations.

CAUK does actively seek sponsorship and donations to continue operations, and any financial support would be acknowledged and credited across communications channels appropriately.


What does it mean if I see the symbol?

If you see the symbol in a shop or organisation it means a service provider has received training in communication access and that people with a communication difficulty are welcome.


Can I complete the training as an individual?

Yes. You can register as an individual and then once you have completed the training you can use the symbol.


How can I use the symbol?

The symbol can be displayed in shop windows, used letter/email headers or footers, letter headings and on websites. Individuals can also wear a badge to show you support Communication Access.


What does accreditation with Communication Access UK mean?

Accreditation means that you or your organisation have signed up to meeting the Communication Access standards.


What are the Communication Access standards?

There are 4 standards:

  1. Recognise every group includes people with communication support needs
  2. Find out what support is required
  3. Take action in all communications
  4. Keep trying

An organisation works out an action plan as to how they will meet these standards based on the training and guidance.


How long does the accreditation last?

The accreditation lasts for 12 months.


Do I have to redo the training every 12 months?

As an individual we recommend that you review the training every 12 months so you can renew your certificate. An organisation will decide indicate many members of staff they hope will receive training each year. It is recommended that the training becomes part of an induction programme for new staff and is also embedded into annual disability awareness/equality and diversity training.

Organisations will as part of the re-accreditation process indicate how they have met the stated ambitions against the standards and/or mitigation; and an indication of staff members that have received the training against the previously stated estimate (which will be treated as a performance indicator).


What happens if I receive poor service at a place where the symbol is being displayed?

We aim to encourage organisations to implement the standards.

CAUK will never actively seek to deter or discourage an organisations participation in this initiative, but will actively seek to support and encourage progress.